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Established in 1980, Bullcreek Leeming Amateur Football Club has a proud history underpinned by grit, hard work and strong sense of community which we still honour to this day. The ‘Bombers’ mascot was adopted in honour of the Lancaster Bomber replica that for a long period of time, stood proudly in front of the RAAF retirement establishment in the Bull Creek community. Mr Colin Pike served mightily as the inaugural Club President in this foundation year.

BLAFC has been a successful club from the outset. Initially starting in J Grade, the Bombers were elevated to I Grade in 1981. The boys played in their first Grand Final in ‘I’ Grade under the coaching prowess of Carl Van Styn. This year saw the club field 2 sides which were highly competitive and made a strong mark on the competition at the time.

The 80’s saw the club built from the ground up, in every literal sense. 1984 saw the Club move from Mandala to Beasley Reserve, now the home of football in the region and the heartland of the Bullcreek Leeming Bombers. Due to lack of lighting at the new venue, a contingent of players and members pulled together to construct, without government assistance, the first light pole and associated power infrastructure at the ground. This was completed in the late 80’s, and replaced the use of temporary flood lighting supplied by players and local tradespeople. Beasley Park received it’s second light pole courtesy on the local government the following year before all light towers were relocated and upgraded to the six towers we now train under every week day session.

In 1986 Rod Lean became the first Life Member for our Club. A further 23 have joined him in this highly prestigious honour in the years since.

1989 rounded out a strong decade of progress for the club, with the thirds team reaching their first ever grand final and coming away with the coveted premiership medal.

At the turn of the decade, the Club evolved to emcompass both Bullcreek and Leeming in the title of the Club, to ultimately become the Bullcreek Leeming Bombers as we stand today. As a testament to the football community, in 1992 the hall at Beasley Reserve was built off the back of many members of the football club. Beasley Reserve became the focus of all football events and cemented itself as the heart and soul location of the Bombers.

In 1996, the mighty Mike Petkovich coached the first Bomber Colts side to the Grand Final.

1998 saw the Bombers play in their first reserves Grand Final under the leadership of David Blight.

It wasn’t until 2009 that BLAFC celebrated its first ‘Thirds’ Grand Final appearance in ‘F’ Grade, under the leadership of Dan Di Stasio.

This year we’ve seen the completion of the Clubroom refurbishment, with new paint, shower amenities and carpets / upholstery revitalising the Creek and complementing the new bar!

Another year of finals is upon us, so make sure to be involved and build on our already grand hreitage at The Creek!


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