BLFC Honour Board

Year President Secretary Treasurer Senior Coach Club Champion Best Clubperson
2018 Michael Petkovich Naomi Hume Irene Petkovich Wayne Langborne
2017 Michael Petkovich Rebecca Lemont Irene Petkovich Wayne Langborne Fraser McDougall Fraser McDougall
2016 Michael Petkovich Michael Arena Irene Petkovich Mark Parnell Geoff Edwards Irene Petkovich
2015 Michael Bardsley Denise Martin Nathan Beard Mark Parnell Fraser McDougall Jill Bardsley
2014 Michael Bardsley Denise Martin Nathan Beard Shane Thompson Daniel Dalby Michael Bardsley
2013 Paul Petkovich Adrian Lacquiere Nichole McManus Shane Thompson Luke Foster Michael Petkovich
2012 Michael Bardsley Jenna Allomes Jamie Ball Shane Thompson Darren Humble Pri Quackenbush
2011 Michael Bardsley Jenna Allomes Michael Bardsley Shane Thompson Fraser McDougall Paul Petkovich
2010 Matthew Jones Jenna Allomes Nichole Terlet Shane Thompson Thomas Liew Don Green
2009 Matthew Jones Jenna Allomes Nichole Terlet Gary Carruthers Brad Holt Chris Edwards
2008 Michael Petkovich Tyson Sudjovic Matthew Jones Gary Carruthers Matthew Jancey Chris Everitt
2007 Michael Petkovich Matthew Jones Pri Quackenbush Dayle Malone Chris Boyes Allan Letchford
2006 Michael Petkovich Matthew Jones Pri Quackenbush Dayle Malone Tony Gartland Rob Penman
2005 Michael Petkovich Matthew Jones Pri Quackenbush Dayle Malone Scott O'Connor Matthew Jones
2004 Michael Bardsley Matthew Jones David Mulligan Craig Smith Leon Green Paul Petkovich / Gareth Ambridge
2003 Michael Bardsley Matthew Jones Brad Jaggs Craig Smith Paul Petkovich / Michael Keig Paul Petkovich
2002 Rob Penman Matthew Jones David Mulligan Paul Radcliffe Paul Petkovich Heath Murray / Paul Jones
2001 Michael Petkovich Matthew Jones David Mulligan Mark Scott Paul Petkovich Craig Pitt
2000 Michael Bardsley Matthew Jones Maurie Zalewski Mark Scott Luke Goard Paul Jones
1999 Michael Petkovich Irene Petkovich Maurie Zalewski Mark Scott Luke Carne Jamie Ball
1998 Michael Petkovich Irene Petkovich Maurie Zalewski Andrew Glendinning Keaton Bizacca Maurie Zalewski / Graeme Watson
1997 Dick Manning Rod Lean Ronald McDonald Andrew Glendinning Andrew Glendinning John Sheehan
1996 Committee Committee Brad Jaggs Gavin Wake Paul Shea Michael Petkovich
1995 Kevin Wade Ronald McDonald Ronald McDonald Phil Hayes Brad Lane / Paul Shea Kevin Wade
1994 Gary Boyes Ronald McDonald Anton Lees Wayne Langborne Anton Lees Sandy Boyes
1993 Gary Matier Peter Matier Scott Thornett Mark Valli Duncan Munro Dave Bennett
1992 Bill Plain Gary Matier Brad Jaggs Mark Valli Graeme Watson Megan Plain
1991 Gary Boyes Gary Matier Brad Jaggs Frank Wood Dale Robertson Ronald McDonald
1990 Rod Lean Gary Matier Brad Jaggs Wayne Baker Graeme Watson Brad Jaggs
1989 Leo Kelemanis Gary Matier Rod Lean Ray Miles Peter Matier Glenda Gore
1988 Leo Kelemanis Megan Plain Phil Wall Ray Miles Wayne Myers Megan Plain / Leo Kelemanis
1987 Phil Wall Gary Matier Brett Mosel Barry Siddons Peter Matier Barry Siddons
1986 John Urbaniak Gary Matier Allan Letchford Barry Siddons Dick Manning Bill Plain
1985 Rod Lean Kay Wilson Wayne Kernaghan Barry Siddons Wayne Myers Harry Baker
1984 Rod Lean Brad Jaggs Steve Rundin Brian Nankivell Peter Matier Suel Freund
1983 Peter Miller Rod Lean Steve Rundin Norm Hardwick Kimon Anderson Rod Lean / Sue Lean
1982 Peter Miller Rod Lean Ian Minson Neville Dhu Wayne Kernaghan Cathy Dhu
1981 John Benari Peter Miller Ian Minson Neville Dhu Peter Freund Len Beard
1980 Colin Pike John Benari John Benari Paul Daly Rod Davis Peter Miller


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